The desire to start AngelEyes Maternity Home came from my own life experiences.   Growing up the ninth of ten children to a single mother and living in poverty I was shy, had very little self-esteem.   I was pregnant by the time I reached the age of 17.   I felt alone, frightened and ashamed.   I had no idea what I was going to do.  With no guidance or support I thought the only solution was to run away and hide.  


After living off and on with other people I eventually became homeless sleeping in a hospital undergoing renovation for several weeks before I could move into a women’s shelter.   This is the moment my life would be changed.   Located in Lowell, Massachusetts this shelter helped me to learn the skills I needed to become a better person and a good mother.   I obtained my GED, earned a certificate in Secretarial and was awarded government assisted housing.   The shelter helped to change my way of thinking, build self-confidence, helped me to set and achieve goals.  Most importantly I developed an urge and desire to want more and more out of life.   I continued to educate myself by obtaining additional certifications increasing my ability to secure better jobs.   Several years later I was paying my rent without government assistance, only three years after that I purchased my first home and earned a college degree.   


Years after leaving the shelter I went back as a volunteer then was hired on as an employee where I learned the operational side of the shelter.  I am thankful for what this shelter provided to me, a safe place to live, healthy meals and the opportunity to learn the needed life and job skills to care for my daughter and myself.  I am proof that these shelters and the programs they offer or needed and have inestimable value.  

Who We Are:

AngelEyes is a Faith-based nonprofit organization that assist single mothers in poverty with housing and higher education attainment by providing shelter, educational programs, training, access to community resources and permanent housing support.


The mission of AngelEyes Maternity Home is to give homeless first time moms a safe place to live during their pregnancy while also providing them with the resources, education and job training needed to prepare for motherhood, successful independent living; help eliminate future unplanned pregnancies and prevent homelessness.


Career Development Program Mission

Preparing single mothers for the future by providing them with the resources needed to attain higher education and employable job skills.



Our vision is that through the attainment of higher education and improved employability skills poverty among single mothers can be eliminated.


Our Transitional Maternity Group Home Program The primary goal of our Transitional Maternity Group Home Program (MGHP) is to provide shelter and to deliver a unique much-needed service to homeless pregnant young teen moms.  

Our Pregnancy & Parenting Program is for first time mothers to provide pro-active preparedness training to ensure healthy outcomes for moms and their babies.

Our Career Development Program is to assist single mothers with improving their job skills and higher education attainment.

AngelEyes “Preparing Single Mothers for the Future” by encouraging long-term life changes. 

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We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.   Proverbs 16:9

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 Phone:   816-368-4994         Business Hours:  Monday - Friday 10 a.m. -5 p.m.