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The primary goal of our Pregnancy & Parenting Program is to deliver a unique much-needed service to first time mothers that will include preventing repeated unplanned pregnancies and to ensure healthy outcomes for moms and their babies.  


AngelEyes provides a specialized, modularized program for providing clients with pro-active preparedness training through a variety of methods, including e-learning, motivational speakers, and videos.


Our program will consist of six (6) modules focusing on Pregnancy & Prenatal Care, Newborn & Infant Care, Parenting Skills, Life Skills, Personal Development & Vocational Development.


We are committed to encouraging long-term life changes.

Pregnancy & Parenting Program Modules

Pregnancy and Prenatal

Module 1

Fetal Development, Smoking, Alcohol & Drugs During Pregnancy, Health & Diet
Labor & Delivery. Pre-Term Labor, Breastfeeding & more.

Newborn & Infant Care

Module 2

Feeding (breast/bottle), Sleeping, Bedtime Habits, Bathing, Colic & Crying
Cribs/Crib Safety, Car Seat Purchase/Safety, Childcare & more

Parenting Skills

Module 3

Stress Management, Time Management, Child Safety, Utilizing Available Resources, Anticipating & Planning, Car Seat Safety & more

Life Skills

Module 4

Coping Skills, Self-Awareness, Decision Making,  Money Management & Budgeting
Using Credit, Housekeeping, Food Preparation, First Aid, Home & Personal Care, Healthy Relationships, Sexual Health & STI Prevention.

Personal Development

Module 5

Identifying Strengths, Developing & Improving Skills, Developing Mature Interpersonal Relationships, Managing Emotions, Setting Goals, Adopting A Success-Oriented Mindset, Improve Confidence, Discover Self-Appreciation, Abstinence & Achieving Independent Living

Vocational Development

Module 6

Soft Skills, Career Plan Development, Resume Writing, Business Etiquette, Interview Skills, Job Search Planning, Building a Professional Network, Introduction to LinkedIn
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Self Paced Online Program

AngelEyes “Preparing Single Mothers for the Future” by encouraging long-term life changes. 

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