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The primary goal of our career development program is to assist single mothers with continuing their education.    We strongly believe that higher education and training means more opportunities for single mothers.  Our Career Development Program will assist single mothers with attaining post-secondary education and skills associated with better jobs that pay family-supporting wages.

The Career Development Program consist of five (5) modules focusing on Personal Development, Vocational Development, Introduction to Attending College, Career Skills Enhancement, Financial Literacy and an optional six (6) module covering Entrepreneurship. 


We are committed to encouraging long-term life changes.

Career Development Program Modules

Personal Development

Module 1

Identifying Strengths, Developing & Improving Skills, Developing Mature Interpersonal Relationships, Managing Emotions, Setting Goals, Adopting A Success-Oriented Mindset, Improve Confidence, Discover Self-Appreciation & Achieving Independent Living

Vocational Development

Module 2

Soft Skills, Career Plan Development, Resume Writing, Business Etiquette, Interview Skills, Job Search Planning, Building a Professional Network, Introduction to LinkedIn, College Preparation & Study Skills, 

Introduction to College

Module 3

Degree Type (graduate, undergraduate), Certificate Programs, Enrollment, College Credits, Cost, Financial Aid, Grants, Scholarships GPA, Overcoming Obstacles (time, transportation, childcare),  Academic Support, Full-Time, Part-Time, Campus Education, Distance Education & more..

Career Skills Enhancement

Module 4

Microsoft Word (Intro, Intermediate advanced), Microsoft Excel (Intro, Intermediate advanced), Microsoft Outlook(Intro, Intermediate advanced), Microsoft PowerPoint (Intro, Intermediate advanced),  Soft Skills Development, Typing Skills (Intro, Intermediate advanced), Mock Interviews, Interview Skills Assessments, Phone Etiquette Assessments & Email Etiquette Assessments.

Financial Literacy

Module 5

Banking (fees, rates), Earned Income, Taxes & Deductions, Understanding Credit, Consumer Protection, Debt, Interest Rates, Investing, Inflation, Insurance, Retirement Plans, Rent vs Owning & Asset Building

Entrepreneurship (Optional)

Module 6

Intro to Entrepreneurship, Management & Leadership Skills, Business Professional Skills, Financial Management for Small Business, Legal Issues for Small Business, & Creating the Business Plan
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Program Eligibility

  • Income at or below 125% of Federal Poverty Guidelines

  • Able and willing to participate in school, educational program, work or work study program

  • Full commitment to making long term life changes.

Self Paced Online Program

AngelEyes “Preparing Single Mothers for the Future” by encouraging long-term life changes. 

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